July 23, 2022

In the brand-new puzzle platformer Stray, players take on the role of a cat and explore a futuristic city. It tells the tale of a robotic civilization in an oppressive world through stealth-based action, riddles, and environmental narration. With its feline protagonist, it has captivated the hearts of gamers and cat lovers as a fresh twist on the genre.

Stray was predominantly exhibited by Sony in the run-up to release, and it was promoted as a PS5 game first and foremost. Because of this, many people have been curious about the platforms on which Stray can be played.

We’ll cover where you can play Stray and whether it’s now accessible on Xbox systems in this guide. Let’s examine.


No, Stray is not currently accessible with Game Pass or Xbox, either. Currently, PS4 and PS5 are the only consoles that support it. Keep checking back for updates as the publisher releases new information because this can change in the future. The good news is that Stray has been referred to as a PS exclusive for a short period of time, which normally indicates it will eventually make the switch.

PLATFORM STRAYS Stray is presently playable on the PC, PS4, and PS5. Using Steam or another retailer of your choosing, you can play Stray. In fact, Stray is a July PS Plus bonus on PlayStation consoles.

That is all there is to know about the platforms on which Stray can be played. Check out our 3-star review of the game for more details.

In other gaming news, the LEGO Group has unveiled the LEGO Atari 2600, a reproduction of the classic machine, to mark Atari’s 50th anniversary.

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